Interactive Maps

Use these interactive maps [1] to see the population numbers of foreign-born, native and 'Next Generation' groups that lived within Pittsfield's city wards.  The map is split into two sections, 1920 and 1940, for each year correlating to the census data being used for this project. 


To the right of the maps, you will also see three filters for 'BPL' (Birthplace), 'MBPL" (Mother's Birthplace) and 'FBPL' (Father's Birthplace).  Select a group from the right-hand column by clicking the box next to each location.  You can search from locations within all three of the filters. 

If you want to search by only one filter, be sure to select the button (All) for the remaining two.  For example, if you only want to search for individuals born in Italy, then you would set the 'BPL' to 'Italy,' and select (All) for both the 'MBPL' and the 'FBPL.'  Then, the map will search for Italian born immigrants, regardless of their parents' birthplaces. Once the box has been selected, the ward map will automatically adjust to your choices. 

Let's do one more example: individuals who were English and Irish born, with a Massachusetts-born mother, and a father from anywhere.  To display this information on the map, you would go to the 'BPL' and click on the boxes next to 'England' and Ireland.'  Next, you would go to 'MBPL' and select 'Massachusetts,' and then finish by moving on to the 'FBPL' filter and selecting (All).


You can select one population group at a time, or combine the population numbers of different groups by clicking on more than one box.  To start over, or change your selections, unclick the box next to a location.  If there are no records under your search, then the maps will remain blank.  For example, there was no one living in Pittsfield in 1920 or 1940 born in Albania who had a Bulgarian mother and a Canadian father.  When there are no records correlating to your selections, the 'Number of Records' found at the lower right-hand side (below the 'FBPL') will also be 'Null.'

Once you have made your selections, hover the cursor over each section of the highlighted areas.  A box will pop up providing the ward identification number, latitude and longitude (for wherever the cursor is pinpointing), the census year, and the total population of individuals living within the ward for the selection(s) you made in the right-hand filters.

Feel free to look up any of the groups listed on the right.  The primary groups focused on in this study are from the following locations: Massachusetts, New York, non-MA/NY U.S. born (continental and D.C.), England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, France, Italy and Poland.  The information from this map provides a different way to visualize the data displayed in bar graphs throughout 'Part 2' and 'Part 3.'


1.) original, un-rendered ward maps courteous of the Berkshire Athenaeum, Pittsfield's Public Library.