Future Goals

1.) Study 'MBPL' and "FBPL' of 'Second Generation' individuals that have parents from different locations.

2.) Show the percentage of a group's ward population to the total ward population on the 'Maps.'

3.) Primary Research

3.1.) Incorporate other primary source research into the project.  Examples include, church records, personal diaries, mill and factory records, and newspaper sources 

3.2.) Use this research to further analyze ward disbursement, joint clustering of Foreign-born with 'Second Generation,' and why so many individuals did not answer the 'MBPL' and 'FBPL' on the 1940 census. 

4.) To further analyze the census data by incorporating other ethnic and racial groups into the analysis

5.) Incorporate secondary research into the project, and place the argument within present-day historiography

6.) Add an oral history section to the project and website

7.) Add a blog to the site, so that the input of community members, other academics, and all others interested in the project can be included

8.) Create a mobile-compatible website to use alongside this one.